Explore the vital link between food production, soil health, human wellness and climate change.

The FIRST Canadian Summit on Climate Action in Food Systems

October 20-22, 2019

Kelowna, B.C.

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Farming and food systems have played a role in climate change, but they can be the solution too. Re-shaping and modernizing food production, finance and distribution models offers the potential for agriculture to become a powerful positive influence on the natural environment.

Through agro-ecology and low-input farming, the growing movement around regenerative agriculture is showing how farmers can sequester carbon in soils, restore diversity and profitability on farms, and grow healthier food ingredients.

Our goal is to create a safe place for stakeholders to explore the trends in global agriculture that threaten some models of farming and food distribution, and also to share information on the fast-growing movement of regenerative agriculture and how it addresses the modern challenges of the planet. 

Attendees will leave feeling inspired and supported, with a new community of professional agriculturalists, evolved food innovators and many others who share the values of supporting locally-grown, safe and nutritious food. 


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  • Anyone interested or involved in food production
  • Policymakers
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Farmers, golf courses, land owners interested in spraying less chemicals
  • Soil health advocates and activists
  • Conscious food consumers


Our event is hosted at the the Delta Grand Okanagan. When making a reservation please ask for the special rate for “The First Canadian Summit on Climate Action in Food Systems”.


This Summit is just the first step. With your support, the proceeds of this event will be reinvested into online learning tools and regional workshops to educate and support landowners to implement new nature-based, regenerative food production practices.

For sponsorship inquiries, please email tamara@sustainablegrain.ca.

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